Teaching Jazz Trombonists

Here’s a re-posting of something I put out this summer and had a few requests to reissue. This is free, use it as you wish, give me credit if possible. Skip it if you have no interest.

“How should a teacher (college, trombone) approach the student whose primary interest is jazz?”


Preparing for College Auditions

Here’s a re-posting (to the trombone-list) of something from last year, for students preparing auditions for college. Or scholarships. Or transfers, or even Grad school. It’s a bit long, sorry if it clutters your mail, but it is seasonal. Download it, copy it, share it as you wish. Tom Ervin, University of Arizona.


If You Practice….

Let us discuss the benefits that come from focused practice, and the need for such practice by any trombonist who is ambitious, or is considering a musical career. This article was originally submitted to the trombone list in September 1996. The list also holds many fine posts on structuring and optimizing practice time.