Free Sampler

I’m offering a sampler of some selected pages from all three of my books — Twenty Counterparts, Sixty Counterparts, and the Rangebuilding book. You are most welcome to share this material with friends or students. Thanks for your interest!

My complete books are sold only in book form, and not electronically. The books are available from this web site and also from Amazon, plus:

Hickey’s Music,

Cherry Classics

Adam Frey’s,

Dave Holben’s

I intend to make the sampler a free download from this site, this page. If it’s not working yet, e-mail me at and put the word SAMPLER in the subject line.

page 4 of SIXTY

page 10 of SIXTY

page 13 of SIXTY

page 36 of SIXTY

page 43 of SIXTY

No. 1 from TWENTY

No. 9 from TWENTY

page 43 of SIXTY